Student management

A complete student management System. Personal Details, Academic Details, Guardian information, Dues and Payments.

Stationary & Uniform

A generic system that can maintain the record of Inventory issued to students, such as Stationary or Uniforms.

Employee management

Employees management system. Employees personal details, academic details, Complete log of Current and Old employees Salaries


Fee management

Complete Fee details of every Student. Custom types of Fee can be created per class, Complete log of Fee with details.


Calculates the profit from the whole money transactions related to Student dues clearnce, School expenses.


Custom Type of expenses can be created. Complete log of expenses like, Building rent, employees salaries, Study trip etc.

Attendance Register

Daily Attendance Register where any authorized user can take attendance and can go through the old attendance simply by selecting the Date.

User Management

A complete User Management System, where new user can be created by Admin or any other authorized person, with rights over the campus selected modules.

Free Website

The most attractive feature, without any extra charges, totally free with maintenance & support. Responsive template and user friendly interface.

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